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MIXSOON Bifida Cream

MIXSOON Bifida Cream

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The Mixsoon Bifida Cream effectively protects the skin by maintaining its balance and strengthening the skin barrier, reducing the likelihood of irritation and redness caused by environmental factors. Additionally, it has conditioning and anti-aging properties, as it is rich in proteins and vitamins. By deeply nourishing and hydrating the skin, it improves elasticity and revitalizes tired and sagging skin.

This unique formula with low molecular weight active ingredients penetrates deep into the skin and spreads evenly. The cream's plump and chewy texture feels dense on the skin without being sticky, creating a film of moisture that helps keep skin optimally hydrated throughout the day.

Bifida Cream gives skin a natural glow as soon as it is applied, leaving it looking clear and refreshed, as if you've just washed your face. Your skin is moisturized and gets a radiant appearance.

Suitable for: Dry Skin

♡ Size: 60 ml



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