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Medicube Zero Pore Pad 2.0

Medicube Zero Pore Pad 2.0

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Medicube Zero Pore Pad 2.0 combines cutting-edge technology with potent ingredients to address common skin concerns. Formulated with a blend of exfoliating AHA and BHA, these pads gently slough away dead skin cells, unveiling a fresh and revitalized complexion. Salicylic acid helps to decongest pores, preventing the buildup of impurities that can lead to breakouts.

Each pad is soaked in a powerful yet gentle formula, making it easy to swipe across your face, targeting areas prone to enlarged pores and uneven texture. Watch as the pads work their magic, leaving your skin visibly smoother, refined, and ready to absorb the benefits of your subsequent skincare steps.

Suitable for: All Skintypes

♡ Size: 155g (70 pads)



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