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Medicube Triple Collagen Cream

Medicube Triple Collagen Cream

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What it is
Introducing our 'Triple Collagen Cream' – a powerhouse of hydration and skin barrier reinforcement.
With a blend of collagen, niacinamide, and nourishing oils, this cream enhances elasticity, firmness, and resilience.
Elevate your skincare routine and unveil a radiant complexion with 'Triple Collagen Cream' – your go-to solution for a strengthened skin barrier.

What is special
Helps reverse the signs of aging in as fast as 2 weeks by tackling three major skin concerns, all in one cream. Formulated with up to a total of 16 patented ingredients for pore care, skin elasticity, and dark spots, Triple Collagen Cream is a dermatologically tested cream that effectively helps reduce the signs of aging. It is also certified free from 15 toxic ingredients, making it safe even for sensitive skin.

Who needs it:
For matured skin type who are looking for an all-rounded cream
For all skin types who want to slow down the signs of aging
Weight : 50ml



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