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COSRX The Hyaluronic Acid 3 Serum

COSRX The Hyaluronic Acid 3 Serum

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Concentrated hydrating hyaluronic acid serum. Its combination of 3% low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and ceramides helps to reinforce the skin's barrier function, keeping it hydrated for longer.

As your skin's needs evolve for many reasons, one thing remains constant — hydration and the protection of the skin barrier are crucial to a healthy complexion, and need to be in your routine. COSRX's Hyaluronic Acid 3 Serum is here to help. With 3% concentrated hyaluronic acid and ceramides, it helps to retain your skin's hydration for longer and protects your skin barrier with its ceramide-rich formula.

Do any of these sound familiar?
- Dry, tight skin (a classic symptom).
- Dehydrated skin with flakiness caused by dryness.
- Makeup that cakes and cracks on dehydrated areas as you apply it — yikes!
- Feeling like your serum isn’t doing the job, as your skin absorbs it too quickly, leaving it feeling tight as the day progresses.

If your skin has been crying out for help, add COSRX Hyaluronic Acid 3 Serum to your shopping cart right away!

The Hyaluronic Acid 3 Serum contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (no less than 3%!) of low molecular weight to enhance absorption and better penetrate your skin, providing long-lasting hydration. You'll not only notice a boost of hydration in your skin, but you'll also help relieve the uncomfortable feeling of dryness while protecting your skin.

The super-juicy finish of the Hyaluronic Acid 3 Serum will leave your skin glowing. 

What else can we say about it other than it's a surefire hydration pick for your bathroom cabinet, with the quality you expect from COSRX? Get yours now!

Suitable for: Dry Skin and Sensitive Skin

♡ Size: 20 ml



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